Pain Relief Spray

Pain Relief Spray

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Painvin Spray have been formulated by using time tested Ayurvedic herbs to help in getting relief from pain. Ayurvedic Painvin Spray is one of the best Ayurvedic pain relief medicines in which herbal extract of  different Ayurvedic herbs have been used. These herbs possess anti-inflammatory activities and benefits in back pain, knee pain muscular pain and joint pain. The herbal extract of each of these herbs provides active ingredients that correct the disturbed metabolism and increase the metabolic rate. Use of Painvin Spray also helps in increasing the blood flow across affected area to rejuvenate the joints, muscles and bones.

Pain Relief Spray brings maximum strength, fast-acting pain relief. This medicated spray provides advanced relief at the point of pain and gives power to control exactly where you need it. Its easy to apply and also gives you the ability to choose how much and how often you need to apply.

Features & Benefits:

·         Fast acting

·         Pain relief

·         Maximum strength

·         No mess application

·         Works at all angles