Calcium  Preparations Suspension

Calcium Preparations Suspension

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Calcium Carbonate Suspension
Calcium carbonate 375 mg equivalent to Calcium 150 mg+Magnesium hydroxide 180 mg equivalent to Magnesium 75mg+Vitamin D3 75I.U+Zinc gluconate 21mg equivalent to Zinc 3 mg/5 ml

Calcium Carbonate Suspension
Calcium carbonate 750 mg Eq. to calcium 300 mg/10 ml+Vitamin D3 200I.U/10 ml+Magnesium carbonate 346.5 mg Eq. to Magnesium 100mg/10ml

Calcium Syrup
 Calcium glubionate 21 g Calcium +
Calcium Lactobionate 14 g Calcium

Calcium Syrup
Calcium glubionate 750 mg equivalent to elemental calcium 49.2 mg+Vitamin D3 200 IU+Vitamin B12 1.2mcg/5ml
Calcium Syrup
Calcium Gluconate 25 mg+Calcium Phospholactate 25 mg+Panthenol 2 mg+Vitamin A palmetate 1200 IU+Vitamin D3 100 IU+Vitamin E acetate 1 mg+Vitamin B1 1 mg+Vitamin B2 1 mg+Vitamin B6 0.5 mg+Vitamin C 50 mg+Niacinamide 5 mg + Ferrous gluconate 43.2 eq. to 5 mg elemental iron 
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  • Packaging Details: SUSPENSION 100ML
    SYRUP 120ML