Ayurvedic Pain Oil

Ayurvedic Pain Oil

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Painvin Instant pain Relief Spray is an instant pain reliever that is manufactured with ingredients that are natural and pure. Considered to be friendly spray. The spray is composed of micro fine particles that are negligible in size. This means greater and easy penetration inside the affected areas. It is readily absorbed by the skin and requires no massage. This makes it a non-messy and a no-strain application.

The spray comes with a promise of maintaining excellent quality while it’s manufacturing. The brand also claims of zero contamination and no-leakage, besides a prolonged expiry date. Painvin Spray is 100% user-friendly product comes in a transparent plastic bottle. So there is no fear of breakage & leakage.  

Main Ingredients : Ajwain, Akarka, Dalchini, Lahshun, Jayphal, Javitri, Malkangni, Laung Oil, Baboona Oil, Mahuwa Oil, Laung Oil, Neelgiri Oil, Arand Oil, Kapur Oil.

Benefits : Useful in relieving of all Rheumatic, Joints and muscular Pains, Backache etc.

How to Use :

  • To spray on the Skin Over Affected Reason, Backache and other Muscular Pain.
  • Spray 2-3 times on the affected part.


Introductry Price/ Billing Price

  • MRP Price : Rs. 555