Ayurvedic Dental Drops

Ayurvedic Dental Drops

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In our body each and every organs has their own special functions to perform and it is our responsibility to keep every organs healthy. Generally we think that teeth are used to break and chew food. But it’s not true. Our food digestion starts from the way we eat and chew our food. There is a very popular saying that “Eat your liquids and drink your solids”. Thus we should always keep our teeth clean and healthy.  Herbo Danta is a product which acts as mouth fresheners, cleaning teeth as well as pain killer.

Main ingredients : Tulsi, Neem, Pipli, Neelgiri, Clove, Kapoor, Menthol, Glycerine

Benefits :

  • Shins the teeth naturally.
  • Useful in tooth pain. Use two drops of Herbo Danta on cotton and place on the effective tooth.
  • It is being used as mouth freshener. Use two drops in the fresh cold water and gargle.
  • Tulsi and Neem is to kill all the bacteria in the mouth and clean up.

Uses : Use two time daily, in the morning and before sleep at night.